Mobile and Wireless broadbands which one is best for you?

Broadband is made up for two different words broad means wide and band means an area or capacity in which it caries data or signal. The term broadband can have different meanings in different context. But in general we use this word as measure of our internet speed means if we say broadband it means we are having a faster browsing and downloading speed as compared to a simple internet connection. Today if someone  need a internet connection definitely he will go for a broadband internet as there are many high speed internet providers available. Now we will talk about the mobile and wireless broadband techniques and services.

The broadband network is faster in speed as Dial-up modems are limited to a a speed than 56 kbit/s (kilobits per second) and require the full use of a telephone line but in broad band it even provide more than double of this speed and generally without disrupting telephone use.

We have already discussed about broadband networks in Broadband Internet an Overview so now lets go for mobile broadband. The Mobile broadband uses the same network as mobile phones. so you need not to buy a another network connection you can just opt any available plan on your network.As there are many mobile broadband networks available in the market so one can make a quick mobile broadband comparison for the best deal.

Now a days there are many services like video on demand and others require some higher speed specialized networks  like 3G network and etc. There are various option in wireless broadband plans if you choose it to use. if you want to have generalized information about broadband networks and there prices you can go for

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  1. I don’t love to use internet on mobile phone, but most my friends prefer mobile for internet facility (who don’t have internet in home). Mobile internet is more costly (BSNL 3g plans) and it is not so good in my point of view.

  2. I preer wireless mobile as the speed is faster. Playing games or downloading multimedia are better with wireless mobile.

    But mobile broadband is useful as a backup when the wireless mobile is overloaded or has connection problems.

  3. I preer wireless mobile as the speed is faster. Playing games or downloading multimedia are better with wireless mobile.

  4. i heard from airtel coustomer care that wireless broadband won’t be very fast,, the don’t even have speed of 256kbps,,, it is before 1 year, but now i am not sure,, i always use aircel pocket internet for mobile phone

  5. The 3G launch has changed the game, before 3g mobile internet was very slow, but now 3g gives more speed than some of the broadband providers also. I love using Mobile 3G on my PC an an internet source!

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