Yesterday i watch a movie Delhi 6, the movie was really very nice specially its songs and cinematography but one thing that fascinate me most is the Motorola mobile used in the movie. Abhishek Bachhan is a promoter of a mobile an also he is a brand ambasador of Motorola so it is obvious that we all are watching him promoting his product. But the mobile is really very cool,as its screen size is not very big but the picture quality was very good (you guys must watch Sonam lipstick shot taken by Abhishek accidently). The moto phone used in a movie is a motorokr E8.


The Motorola ROKR E8 is a quad band GSM phone with EDGE for data. T-Mobile is the only US carrier offering it, and like all new feature phones on T-Mobile, the ROKR E8 has support for T-Mobile myFaves.


There is no question that the Motorola ROKR E8 looks cool. It’s not as sinuous as some Nokia fashion phones we’ve seen, but it has a modern-art like slab look with a sense of 3D motion. The back of the phone has a soft touch surface while the rest of the E8 is piano black, smooth and slippery. The 2″ QVGA display sits in landscape orientation and is bright and colorful with 262k colors. The ROKR E8 has touch sensitive controls with haptic vibration. You get all the normal phone menu keys, d-pad (all touch control of course) plus a FastScroll wheel wrapping around the d-pad at 270 degrees. The touch controls are easy to use with the exception of the FastScroll in phone mode which is too fast to give you precise control. You can use the d-pad however as an alternative to scroll in all 4 directions. The FastScroll wheel works great for music playback control– more on that later. Side buttons include a volume rocker, camera launcher, charging/accessory port and key lock/power on key. The 3.5mm stereo audio jack sits on top of the phone, and the 2 megapixel camera and the excellent rear-speaker live on the back of the E8. The microSD card and the SIM card both live under the battery door, and you have to remove the battery to access either.

Music controls appear when the music player is running.

But behind the pretty face, the ROKR E8 uses a cool UI technology called ModeShifting. The phone offers a different set of touch controls depending on context. The buttons are actually virtual–drawn onto the phone rather than being traditional hardware buttons, so Moto had the freedom to place and remove buttons as they saw fit, depending on the task at hand. You will get the traditional number keys, call controls, and other menu touch controls when in the main/phone mode. But when you activate music, all the number keys and other menu touch controls disappear completely. Instead you will get the music playback touch keys such as shuffle, repeat, play/pause, etc., morphing the phone into a music player. The same thing happens when you launch the camera: you will see zoom in/out touch controls, photo/video recording toggle control and photo editing touch controls. We’ve seen touch sensitive controls on several feature phones including the LG Chocolate but none with such creative integration between the touch controls and the applications on the phone. See the ModeShift feature in action in our video below.

Phone Calls and Tools

The Motorola ROKR E8 is a GSM quad band world phone that’s offered by T-Mobile in the US. Like many Motorola phones, the ROKR E8 has great signal strength and rarely drops a bar even inside of big building in T-Mobile’s good coverage areas. The voice quality is also very good through both the earpiece and the built-in speakers. We tested several Bluetooth headsets with the ROKR E8, and it worked well with them. The voice through the Plantronics Discovery 925 was clear and volume was good. The DSP worked efficiently at filtering out road noise and background noise. The range between the E8 and the Plantronics reached 10-15 feet before we heard audio degradation. The voice quality was slightly less clear but also quite good via bluetooth handset.

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