Mozilla Fennec browser: A new upcoming

I  am sure you all guys have seen or used  iPhone once,the most popular mobile phone in the World,because of its unique touch feature,unmatchable applications and ultimate user experience reponse.So,you all know about the operating system of iPhone,i.e.Safari browser.Here i am giving some
information about

an operating system which is planning to enter and bang in the market just like iPhone. This operating system is Fennec operating system developed by
Mozilla.The biggest significance of using firefox is its feature rich addons,so Fennec also going to do the same in Mobile phone.

According to famous tech site Read Write Web “Mozilla is looking forward for OEM deals with the likes of Nokia,Windows Mobile and Symbian “.
As given in its article “According to Mozilla’s Chief Innovation Officer, Chris Beard “it’s easy to install. He said that Fennec aims to bring the “the full Web” experience to the mobile platform, including Firefox’s famed add-on platform.”
After entering the Fennec operating system in the market the competition will be really very interesting,as iPhone will look into some cool features to keep its market increasing.Altough the market is full with browsers like opera(use in HTC, Motorola,
Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, T-Mobile) and safari we are expecting a great competition between the giants. The coolest feature of Fennec browser would be it “sync app view” which has an extension for Fennec that allows you to sync data from your desktop to Fennec.

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