MSI launches Latest Netbook U115 Hybrid/U110 ECO (extra long battery backup)


According to MSI is now among the top 4 international netbook brands and the Wind Netbook – U100 was even the market leader in the industry in 2008 for 10″ netbooks! MSI will have the entire netbook lineup at this year’s CeBIT exhibition, and the latest U115 Hybrid and U110 ECO will also be making its appearance.

What makes these two notebooks special is the fact that they will feature Intel’s Menlow platform which is commonly used on Mobile Internet Devices (MID).

Aside from bearing the same Wind branding, the U110 and U115 will also feature a 10.2-inch screen, Atom Z530 processor and SCH US15W chipset. The fact that their CPUs will still be Atom makes these two notebooks worthy of the MSI Wind branding.

Setting it apart from the MSI Wind netbook is the fact that these two notebooks will offer lower power consumption and longer battery life. In additino, these two notebooks will also be priced higher than the MSI netbooks due to the expensive cost of the Menlow platform.

MSI announced the new product including U120, U115 Hybrid and U110 ECO netbooks. U120 is the first “WiMAX Ready” netbook in the market. U115 Hybrid is the world’s first netbook with both SSD and HDD drives built-in, where the innovative dual storage design and ECO power saving technology extends the battery life of the netbook up to 12 hours* (with a 6cell battery)!
*12 hours battery life is tested using a 6cell battery and under ECO mode. Actual results may differ under different user conditions and product specifications.

The dual storage design of the U115 Hybrid offers you the pick of a 8GB or 16GB SSD matched to a 120GB or 160GB 2.5″ SATA hard disk. As the U115 Hybrid’s operating system is loaded on the SSD, boot times and performance are greatly increased. This also ensures that the operating system can run smoother as well.

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