Multi IM protocol support by Zoho chat 2.0

Zoho expands its network by announcing a new version of Zoho chat. After announcement it automatically becomes a competitor of Meebo chat because both support multi-protocol and several IM protocols.

Zoho chat supports various network like Google, Yahoo, MSN ,AIM, ICQ.

Other important features include integration accross the entire Zoho office suite, which means you can chat from any Zoho app, comprehensive chat history, sending files directly through chat, calendar integration, which lets you add events from the chat, as well as embedding the chat box in your website or blog.


The most fascinating part of Zoho chat is  you can change background images and other visual features, receive and customize audio notifications for various alerts, customize various view and sort options.


You can also embed Zoho chat in your website, Zoho allow you to embed a chat in three different ways: Live Support, Shoutbox, Live Chat.


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  1. @ Aravind Thanx for your comment and adding value on my blog. Zoho chat 2.0 is awesome,I will try my best to explore all the upcoming features of Zoho on my blog.

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