Must Have Cell Phone Accessories

Many Cell phone users buy accessories to make their devices stylish but most people buy a phone accessory that solves the specific purpose. For me I like my phone raw and simple but when it comes to work I need at least 3 phone accessories I can’t simple live without those are , Bluetooth, extra battery and my car charger kit. Today the smartphone market is filled with variety of phone accessories that you might want useful for you work, life or just for your phone. Take a look at the mostly used phone accessories now a days.

  1. Car Kits: If your car does not comes with inbuilt hands free option you might want to consider this option , Car kits allow users to talk while they are driving their vehicle with both hands on wheel. So he or she can talk while driving freely, there are option to answer, reject or put on speaker in the wheel so you will feel comfortable talking rather than sticking your phone behind your neck and driving.
  2. Data Cables: Second most important are the data cables, usually it comes with the cell phone kit but you might want to purchase a multiport data cables which connects to all most all phones to the computer, yeah I have one. People want to transfer the data such as pictures, songs, movies to their computer or to their cellphones this option comes really handy.
  3. Bluetooth Receiver : For a working person like me it’s the most needed accessories many times I am on conference calls and I have to go through some files and stuff on computer this option gives you that freedom. Stick to ears and your both hands are free to work while talking, you can take notes whats being said and this is very useful for people who do long conversation so they don’t get tired holding their phones up to the ears.
  4.  Extra Battery:  Guys who are travelling around may find this option better that any of above coz the one thing you find when you are half way your route “ battery is low please recharge” , the Extra battery comes handy for such users. There are other chargers as well they contain an already charge battery which can be used for either charging your phones or to be used as spare battery.

There are many other accessories which are useful too if you know some of them which might add value to the article please let us know via the comment thread.

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