Must Have iPhone Applications For Graphics Designer

In the success of iPhone the application has played a major role as you think of any application for any purpose it is available over here in Apps store. For designer and Developer after taking off from their workstations iPhone has become very handy to get into scoop. There are many application on the web for graphic editing and i wanted to list some of them which are very much useful if you are a graphics Designer. Take a look at the applications below :

1.Layers: A very nice application for iPhone users which can readily be used to create unique graphics by using some tools like smudge tool, brushes, paint, erase etc.

2.My Pantone iPhone Apps:If you are good at creating creative color combination then this is a magic tool on your mini machine i phone. You can create several combination from existing color in the phone.

3.Color Expert : I used this application and can say nothing is much creative then altering the color setting and combining several new color by using this application guide and tool.

4.Photo Bucket: An online storage  application  which can be used to upload or browse your images or search for creative images over the web of Photobucket.

5.Brushes : Brushes for iPhone is a  design application on the KISS (“Keep it simple, Stupid!) principal.  You can draw or edit an object on your iPhone by using  a menu of available brushes.

If you have an iPhone do not forget to try these application and if you do not have and want to possess one you can visit for best deals. If you tried these application let us know about your feedback through the comment section and if you have other good application to be listed let us know by using the same.

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