Must use Gadget for Blogspot Users : Blogger gadgets

recentcommentsGadgets or what we call it Widgets are great source for increasing pageviews. gadgets like recent post,similar post,popular post really contbute a great amount of page views and keep your visitor stick on your page.

Blogspot users also get some additional features

in blogger as a treat On the birthday of Blogger when it become 10.

the features are listed here.

In (blogspot) there are some widgets that must be used to enhance your page views or time on site that prevent user a single page turn and some of them can earn you charity.

some of the popular are listed here:

1.Recent post:

recentposts this gadget shows your most recent post to your visitors along with the optional summaries.

Source:Blogger Buster.

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2.Recent comments:

recentcommentsthis shows the pos where you got the recent comments and allows visitor to join the discussion .

Source:Blogger Buster.

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3.Twitter updates:

tweets twitter as being a social media king so now show your most recentĀ  twitter updates to your visitors and allows to follow you also.

Source:Blogger Buster.

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4.Picasa photo stream:

picasaphotostreamthis gadget displays the thumbnails of your recent uploads to Picasa this can also be a good way to get your visitors to your post.

Source:Blogger Buster.

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5.Social vibe:

proxyThis gadget helps you to get charity. the SocialVibe widget allows you to get sponsored by a paying brand and earn donations for the charity of your choice


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  1. i came by searching widget for my blogspot blog but your blog looks like promotiing wordpress does it matter to blog on wordpress or blogspot bith are free well any way your post are cool

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