New Advertising Unit And Measurement Tool Launched By Facebook

Facebook is introducing a new type of advertising unit and measurement tool to help brands communicate better with users.The new ads resemble sponsored stories and are constructed around engagement with a piece of branded content. The new ad will appear on the right side of a user’s home page with no other ads present.

The ad unit is based on the belief that ads with recommendations from friends will be more effective than standard display ads and magnify a brand’s reach. The new Insights is designed to let administrators of Facebook fan pages see the total audience their content and ads are reaching, going beyond impressions and “Likes.” Four metrics will be presented at the top of the page:

1. Total Likes:- Which already appears in the existing Insights
2. Friends of Fans:- Designed to show the maximum social reach of brands content
3. People Talking About This:- Track the number of users who engaged with a page’s content in the past week – by  liking or commenting on content, posting to a page’s wall, or RSVP’ing to an event
4. Weekly Total Reach:-It shows the total number of Facebook users who have been exposed to both a brand’s organically shared content and its paid media.

A page’s 500 most recent posts will also be listed in Insights with four metrics: Reach, showing total audience; Engaged Users, showing the number of users who took some kind of action around a post, including clicking on a link or viewing a photo or video; Talking About This, showing the number of users who took more active action by liking, commenting, or sharing; and “Virality,” where “Talking About This” is divided by “Reach.”

The new product represents the end of the era when the “Like” was paramount. Now engagement will become key, and marketers will have the tools to evaluate which pieces of content are resonating.

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