New Beta Version Of Skype For Mac With Facebook Integration

The beta version of Skype 5.4 for Mac allow you to connect your Facebook account and add everyone on your friends list to your contacts in Skype.To set it up, sign into Skype, click on the “Connect to Facebook” tab, and enter your Facebook sign-in details.Skype also added “Facebook Phonebook,” which let users call and text Facebook friends directly on mobile phones and landlines with a few clicks.

Once signed in, the Skype Home tab displays recent activity from your Skype contacts, your Facebook friends or both through a hybrid view.The Home screen on the Skype desktop client for Mac now features a reformatted version of your Facebook news feed, including the ability to like and comment on status.You can also post your own status updates, just as you can from the Facebook website.

Along with the Facebook update, Skype has also started including display ads in the new release. Paying Skype customers won’t seen the ads, but non-paying Skype users will now see ads in the Skype Home view above the activity timeline of Facebook friends and Skype contacts.

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