New Exciting Features Of BizzBizz Social Media Dashboard

The BizzBizz Social Media Dashboard enables you to manage all of your social media accounts such as Facebook,Twitter,Linkedin from one place and monitor each location very easily.There are lots of new features in BizzBizz social media dashboard such as Email Marketing,SMS Marketing,Contact Management,Autoresponders.

Email Marketing:-

You can send professional-looking marketing emails & newsletters with the help of BizzBizz social media dashboard . You can customize Email template according to your need .You can also build and manage your mailing list.

SMS Marketing:-

Sending an SMS text in BizzBizz is as simple as typing your message and deciding where to send it.You can send 160-character SMS texts to any network in the world.Use BizzBizz to send customers promotional codes and announcements about deals and sales or use the API to integrate SMS into your own applications.Add sign-up widget of BizzBizz to your website to gather new mobile numbers and potential customers.

Contact Management:-

Import your contacts from all the services you use including Gmail, Facebook and LinkedIn. BizzBizz creates profiles for each contact you import, allowing you to reach them on whichever platform you choose.You can access all your social, email and mobile contacts in a single, unified address book.


Build and pre-schedule a series of automated messages, birthday greetings or event alerts that are triggered as soon as a new customer is added to your address book or someone new follows you on Twitter.

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