New Feature : Facebook’s Navigation Bar Becomes Omnipresent

Earlier in Facebook the top navigation bar would scroll up with the page but now it’s visible all the time. Many Facebook users  noticed that the top navigation bar is now locked on top of the screen even if you scroll the page down. This behavior is new.

This is the very good move of facebook . This feature change lets users always access some of the most important features on Facebook: friend requests, messages, notifications and search on the left side, as well as home & profile anchor buttons and account settings on the right.


Twitter also uses a similar  design for its navigation bar, which is also always visible on top.

The folks over at Inside Facebook think this may be the first stage in a much bigger redesign, which is to be unveiled at Facebook’s F8 conference. If they’re right, Facebook is looking to lock the ads on the right side of the screen to be always visible too, which would surely increase the click-through rates but it would also make the page a bit more crowded.

Has the new, locked top navigation bar gone live for you?

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  1. nice stuff….and well noticed thing keep updating us…and one thing i want to share related to firefox that if u press ctrl+shift+E

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