New in Opera 11.6: Enhanced Speed and HTML 5

While Firefox and Chrome continue to battle it out for second place in the browser wars (Internet Explorer is at 1st place), the folks at Opera Software pushed out a new update for users of the Opera browser. Opera developers released a minor but effective update in the form of Opera 11.60. This brings changes to the HTML5 rendering engine as well as speed improvements and a revision of the built-in email client.

What’s New in Opera 11.6:

Version 11.60 of Opera isn’t a major release, so new features are limited. But there are some improvements

  • Opera now uses the Opera Presto 2.10 rendering engine, which undoubtedly brings some speed improvements.
  • Adding a “Star menu” to the address field to simplify creating bookmarks and adding items to Speed Dial. The address field has been revamped with new search suggestions, and you can also find your favorite websites faster in the results list.
  • A new interface for the built in Opera Mail, which while possibly interesting to home users.It has a number of improvements, including a cleaner layout, message grouping, a more intuitive view in your inbox and easier navigation.
  • Added HTML5 parsing, which promises to bring increased Web page compatibility as more browsers support it, especially important for a business moving its website to HTML5.

After installing this update Opera welcomes user with these screens.

Opera Themes and Speed Dials

Opera Extensions and Widgets

In these years Opera has continued adding more and more features with every new release. After addition of Extensions, Opera Unite is a big take which allows users to share content with friends. Though the same functionality is found in numerous online social services like Facebook, Unite allows users to skip the Web service and share directly through the browser. Unfortunately, this requires your colleagues to be using Opera.

As Internet Explorer retains its 1st position, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are in market with great share, it become hard for Opera to survive.

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