New iPhone app from adobe : for iPhone

On fridayAdobe systems also jumps in iphone app field providing apple iphone user a New and Free application photoshop app that is able to crop, rotate ,colour effects and many more on their phone as well as on their online account at On the online version you can upload,edit ,organize and

share the pics.

further more by providing the online account at they are facilitating user to store the pics in their site as the limit is 2GB.may

This app is absolutely free of charge and come with variety of features as:

  • simple one-touch filter effects
  • cropping
  • image rotation
  • color controls
  • undo and redo controls.

you can aslo see the list of futures here providing online


Means now you are able to make stunning pics as live as you were at home by photoshop. you can make colour changes and apply effects with help of some taps and if you have done something wrong moveback by tapping undo.this application is very easy to use and some thing that make it notable except from made by adobe is its editing controls which are totally based on only sliding and swapping your fingers to get the desired effects fixed on your picture.

if you are going to make an online account for your apple iphone on it has a 2gb storage which can be expanded if you are willing to pay some extra annual charges.

apple iphone website.

see pics in th gallery which i have taken during the test drive nice storage of effects and library.

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  1. whatif i dont have an iphone can i still make a account on coz its features are very good from any online sharing if i can tell me the way ?

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