New Lock Down And Disable Comments Options in Google+

Google+ allows you to disable comments and lock down posts from sharing, but so far, you were only able to do it after you share a post.Users can now decide not to allow commenting or resharing before clicking ‘Share,’ instead of rushing to change the setting after the post becomes visible to others.

In the past, Google+ users would share to their selected circles, then rush to frantically close comments after said post was made public. In an effort to make this process painless, Google+ has made this option available before the actual sharing process occurs.Google Plus has offered extensive privacy controls since it launched, but it appears from this update that users have been clamoring for even more.

You can choose the lock and disable options as you hover over the share box of an item you want to share.Hovering over the share box shows that not only can you choose which circles you want to share your content with as usual, but you can now perform the comment disabling and locking feature as well.These features help all the users feel even more secure about sharing on Google+.

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