New Satellite Gear handset Launched By Iridium

Iridium has launched its new Satellite Gear handset which gives you WiFi across the Entire Planet.So next time if you are on a mountain or the ocean or in the middle of a glacier and you want to check your email or do a little web browsing, There’s no signal, and certainly no Wi-Fi. So make your own Wi-Fi with the help of Iridium’s newly launched Satellite Gear handset.

The Iridium Extreme handset is water resistant, dust proof, ruggedised against drops and shocks, and, of course, connects to Iridium’s global satellite network for voice, SMS and GPS action.if you need a tough satellite phone, add in the Iridium access Point,a medium size USB-connectable black box and you have got a satellite-powered WiFi hotspot, anywhere on Earth.

It has very slow 28 Kbps speed and far reach from 3G, or even EDGE. But it had be enough for email and light, slow browsing.Iridium’s newly launched Satellite Gear handset is best suitable for those who traverse the various jungles, crags, peaks, ravines, and seas of the world, it could save a life. Or help you blog a little

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