Newzingo: Know the most important news on Google News

Google news is an important source of news because it shows the most popular stories of the current world.But you have to go to different options given in a Google News like:

These are the categories given in Google India News.
So how can you know about the most discussed or morst famous news on the web,there is a website that tell us more about google news.

This is
According to Newzingo
“NEWZingo is constantly watching Google News for new stories, extracts related “tags” and displays them in a cloud.The cloud below shows the current popular news tags. The bigger the tag, the more stories are about its topic.
In one glimpse you can see what the news is about, watch the cloud change as real world events unfold and then forgotten. The little arrows (^,v) indicate whether the tag is becoming more
important, or less important”

As you can see the working of NEWZingo tag cloud in the given screenshot.


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