Now access to Offline Gmail becomes important feature of Gmail

IPreviously Google released the offline  gmail in January that time it was an experimental feature of gmail lab .But now its functionality make it  more stable and useful .The features can be accessed  going through  gmail setting and changing it. “Offline Gmail is graduating from Labs and becoming a regular part of Gmail,” Google programmer Aaron Whyte announced the change. Recently Google  added the most prominent features for Offline Gmail  is to select the mail that gets download and freedom to send attachments that work as you expect whether you are online or offline.But when you are offline you are not able to include inline images.So  add the attachment and send your message and feel good to access offline gmail.

To enable this feature in your gmail  get started with the following steps:

  • Go to gmail setting
  • Go to offline option under the subheading options.
  • Enable the offline functionality

On the screen there are options to select the setting for the users who want their offline mails and there are the option to create shortcut to download all and  more attachments options.

Transmuting Offline Gmail to a regular feature makes easier to access and so change the settings.There is also  a direct link which takes you to the page of troubleshooting there you can get suggestions and help regarding  to your Gmail account.

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