Now blog in a smart way (Bloggers can save their time)!

Every blogger wants to optimize his time in writing a post and then for advertise or marketing of the post by sending it to different social media sites like Twitter, Digg and Stumble.

The main time waster for writing a blog is to search the contents on the web, they open several tabs and collect all the relevant example and give it a proper shape. Then after collection of images and hyperlink is most time taking experience for any Bloggers.

So is there any tool present in the web that can do all your work except writing of post.

Yes! you are thinking correct. There is a tool Zemanta which can search related top websites that contain the related content and suggest images and also hyperlink the main websites. Also different tags are suggested by the tool.

Now the most fascinating thing for Bloggers:

If you are a Firefox user then Zemanta comes with a firefox plugin . The latest version is Zemanta 0.5.4.

Zemanta 2

Zemanta on Livewriter

If you love to write any post to write on a livewriter then Zemanta comes with a plugin for live writer



Apart from these two networks,Zamanta is available on other great networks likeWordPress plugin,Mybloglog,Gmail etc.


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  1. Thanks Harsh, I came to know about it yesterday, this is something very awesome,it also comes as a wordpress plugin but i also work in WLW environment,so no need in WordPress.I also suggest you to write it for your regulars readers who are getting blogging tips from you.

    • Hi Raju, i suggest you to use WLW (Windows Live Writer) for blogging as it is the coolest and most appropriate tool for blogging, as you can add video and image very easily and also it gives facilities to submit a technorati tag,also you can write post for no of blogs directly from the same window. Its awesome,just try it.Zemanta works very well in WLW as well as in firefox addon.Just download Zemanta as a firefox addon and enjoy it.

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