Now Has An Ignore Feature @Google+


Google has added the ability to ignore specific user accounts and strengthened its option to block accounts on its new social network Google+, the company announced in a note Friday.

From the launch of the service Google offered the means to block users totally. However, the problem with this is that it completely cut them off; they could not see what you were doing, and you could not see anything about them. If you don’t completely hate the person, but just don’t want to see what they post all the time, there is a way to do that now.

This  improved blocking option will no doubt provide Google+ members with a better overall experience.

Wichrowska explained in a video demonstration that using the ignore option means you’ll see less of what a particular person is sharing, while allowing them to continue to interact with your own Google+ activity. Posts from ignored accounts won’t be displayed in your incoming stream. You also won’t be notified when they interact with your posts and you won’t see ignored people on your Circles page.

The option to ignore and block an account is available on multiple places throughout Google+ (comments, activity stream, profiles and on the notification tool bar). Google+ doesn’t notify users when they’ve been ignored or blocked, which is similar to Facebook’s functionality.

Letting Google+ members anonymously block and ignore accounts makes sense — especially since the company is planning to launch a business version of the social network in the coming months that will no doubt flood the space with marketers and unapologetic self-promoters.


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