Now Nokia to provide a telecom services to customers

Nokia, the world’s largest handset manufacturer is now going to facile there users by also  providing services and solutions in next few years as confirmed by Director D Shivakumar  (MD Nokia India) while talking to PTI about the company’s future plans. so Nokia :connecting people wants in real to connect people by telecom services.

According to D Shivakumar : “Services is next big thing We see people living their life 24×7 through applications on their mobile phones. Whether it is Twitter or Facebook, people live their life online” .


Nokia, one of the key developers of GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) also called as second-generation mobile, is  now looking for  amendments to his user services by providing various services and solution ranging from music downloads to games to financial services and information about prices and weather to the Indian farmers among many others.

The company has already confirmed a location-based service deal with social networking site Facebook. Under the deal, people could update their location and status directly to the social networking site via a Nokia Ovi account.

“The service would enable consumers to send money, pay for goods, services and bills, and recharge their prepaid SIM cards using their mobile phone,” Shivakumar said.

Future plans of Nokia:

  • money market, with the launch of ‘Nokia Money
  • information about prices and weather to the Indian farmers
  • music download
  • gaming services
  • financial services
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