Now shoot 3d photographs with FujiFilm 3d camera

Lovers of photography now hold your breath till now we are capturing the scenes only in two dimentional but where is innovation there is technology .Enjoy photography with the 3D imaging system  that will change the way you take  photos.  u can make real of your dreams by capturing  3D images.

So make your dreams come true by 3-d camera which has been launched by FujiFilm . Fujifilm is a marketer of digital camera  brings  world’s first camera  new FinePix REAL 3D W1, able to capture 3D images  that is making easier to take different images  by  the different angles of the same object.



  • FinePix REAL 3D Lens System: High-precision Lens Alignment Technology for High-quality 3D Image  consist  image capture system comprising two Fujinon lenses and two CCDs
  • RP (Real Photo) Processor 3D: Instant and Simultaneous Processing of Image Data Captured by the Twin Lens-CCD System with  the RP (Real Photo) Processor 3D – a newly developed processor that evaluates all photographic factors from focus and brightness to color tonality, and then merges the left and right images in a single 3D image

Desktop1 (Medium)

  • 3D LCD Monitor System:U will find  with your naked eyes 3D Images that Jump Out of the Screen.

it consists –

1. Light Direction Control System / Parallax Barrier System

2. 3D LCD monitor

3. Image received by the left eye

4. Image received by the right eye

5. 3D image
High-resolution 3D Print System:Advanced Printing Technology for Production of Quality 3D Prints

153550b6cbliWith the FinePix REAL 3D system, you can review images in 3D on the camera’s LCD monitor and also on the large LCD monitor of the 3D digital viewer. Frame your shot in 3D and play it back in 3D on the spot with the camera’s monitor. On the large-screen 3D digital viewer, you can enjoy and share the full impact and presence of your 3D photos.

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