Now You Can Sync Open Tabs And Custom Search Engines In Google Chrome

Google Chrome has many best features which makes it more popular amongst all the other browsers such as speed, robustness and the most important cloud synchronization.With the help of this feature you are able to automatically retrieved your bookmarks,extensions,passwords and themes to your Google account,so you can restore them on any computer.

If you change any thing in your office computer such as change in bookmarks,passwords and the settings then these changes will be automatically reflect in the computer which is in your home.While this cloud sync function is just awesome the developers have added two new functions in the Cloud Sync:-Now you can sync open tabs and custom search engines.To enable this feature

1. Type chrome://flags/ in the address bar
2. Enable sync open tabs and custom search engines.
3. Go to chrome://settings/personal then click on Advanced
4. You have to make sure that new options are selected or not.
5. Now you can use the exactly same search engine shortcuts everywhere

This feature will be beneficial at the time when you have open more than 20 tabs in Google chrome and suddenly the browser crashed or your computer ran out of power.You can now be able to re -open your last used tabs on the same computer but not in the other computer.With open tabs syc added to Google chrome you need not to worry about which tab is open in your office computer and in your home computer which which web page you were reading.

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