OS 3.0 on the iPhone 3GS

Apple iPhone OS 3.0 software is being run by the new iPhone 3GS and the software update is also available for older versions of the iPhone. Many of the new features are updated from the previous software but there are also brand new functions that are sure to impress many.

The new iPhone 3GS offers a landscape keyboard for extra room when typing and is also now available in messages and emails including Safari and general notes.


If features that make life so easy on a laptop are missing on other phones, the iPhone 3G S has catered these to their market with a handy cut, copy and paste function. Selecting entire sentences is a simple process and copying images from the web allows them to be used as images in emails or text messages via MMS.

The calendar has also been updated so that meetings can be created through Microsoft exchange. Business users can plan their day, week and month effectively with simple and easy to use hourly slots.

The iPhone incorporates the function that made Microsoft Vista so popular – the centralised search. This means users can type a name of a file in to the search and it will find wherever it is located on the phone, even in contacts, emails, notes and more.

The 3.0 OS offers many more updates and is a welcome addition to the many hardware improvements to the newest of Apple’s iphones.

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