PageLines Announces To Launch Version 2.0 of Its Framework

Last year PageLines launched a drag and drop design framework for WordPress. The main work of this product is to provide good CMS design options, a drag-and-drop layout editor, and a  template builder to create custom websites. The PageLines Platform has become one of the most popular frameworks on over the last year and has been downloaded 400,000 times.

Currently PageLines has announced that it will launch version 2.0 of its framework.This new version will include a nifty new marketplace such as The PageLines Store. For developers, designers and for the people who want to build their websites without worrying about coding.The store is a app store which include drag and drop sections, plug-ins sections, and themes- all of which have been built by developers for the PageLines community.

The new PageLines v2.0 will include an improved layout editor, an intuitive Uer interface, responsive design, dynamic color handling, and improved performance.The new framework will be sold via PageLines website, and the cost for a regular license will be $197.The startup has also announced that the PageLines Developer Community, Workshops and LeContest, which will all be focused around educating and helping designers and developers become successful with PageLines.

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