PayMeBack:New iPhone Application

PayMeBack is an easy to use and beautiful iPhone application that helps you track the money people borrow from you. You can also track the money you borrow from others and share notes.The Application Store does have other apps that perform the same basic functions as PayMeBack—with Oweme being just one of the examples—but none do it with quite as much style, or offer nearly the same amount of features, as PayMeBack does.

Usage Of PayMeBack:-

You go shopping with a friend and he forgets his wallet. You pay for a pair of new jeans and they obviously need to pay you back the money.
1. Open the PayMeBack app

2.Tap their name in your contact list

3.Add the amount and optionally enter ‘jeans’ in the details field.

Now you’re tracking the money they owe you. Tap the money to mark it as paid.When you press the ‘share’ button, you can send a PayMeBack link to them so they can automatically add the amount in their list to. That way, you both won’t forget about the borrowed money.

You pay for a birthday gift and 5 of your friends need to pay you back.Just tap the names of your 5 friends, enter the amount and check the box that says ‘split the amount evenly’ and ‘include myself in the split’.For all of your 5 friends, a credit note for the amount of money will be added the list.

Features Of PayMeBack:-

  • Quickly add a credit/debt note when someone borrows money from you or vice versa
  • Tap a person from your phone’s contacts list or manually enter the name
  • Add multiple people at once
  • Split the amount evenly between multiple people
  • Enter optional details to explain the reason someone borrowed money
  • Your current location will be added automatically
  • Easily share the credit/debt note with the other person (even non-iPhone users)
  • You can add multiple credit/debt notes for each person, the overview will show a calculated total sum
  • Tap a note to mark it as paid
  • High Resolution Retina Display Graphics
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