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Photo Finder,an app of Facebook scans public photos in your social network and suggests tags for untagged faces. It’s a great way to find photos of yourself (or your friends) that you never knew existed, and stay up to date with your friends latest pics.

The time of scan may me more than your expectations but the results are very relevant,the time of scan depends upon the number of friends and photos

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you have available among many other factors. The biggest positive factor is  Photo Finder save its results for future use – if your friends later add the app too, it won’t need to rescan the photos that have already been scanned.


For getting started, go to application,search for photo finder application,join it,then lick on the Get started button and the san would automatically start, you don’t need to do anything, just go to any where on your facebook or you can leave the Facebook page, Photofinder scan your page in offline access but you have to activate it at start.

After complete scanning by Photo Finder, you can click on the “Me” button to see your own photos or click on the “Friends” button to see there photos. Next to each user, all the Facebook photos of that particular person are displayed. The photo in which they’re  tagged via Facebook are outlined in blue and in which they’ve been “auto-tagged” by the application are bodered in orange.

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