The Pablo Picasso, theĀ  image enhancement software haslaunched its version the Picasa 3.1 with 38 language support.it has also the sharing option for picasa web album ,which gives you more control over who can view your photos.

u can also Try the new “Sign-in to view” option to share your albums with specific users only.

it has also include the new feature of picasa image viewer which is stylish and gives u easy control to edit pics in picasa or any other software.

it provides set your album visibility options


Set your album visibility to ‘Public’ to make them viewable to anyone who knows the URL of your public gallery. This URL is easy to share – it’s short and based on your Google Account username: http://picasaweb.google.com/Username/AlbumName. By default, your public albums will also appear in Public Search.


Set your album to ‘Unlisted’ to limit who can see your album. All unlisted albums have an authorization key in the web address; the key is a combination of letters and numbers which make the web address very difficult to guess. Anyone that has the exact web address will be able to see your unlisted album.

(())Require sign-in to view

Select the ‘Require sign-in to view’ option to set the highest level of privacy for your album — you specify who has permission to view it, and visitors must sign in to their Google Account to verify their identity. Anyone not included on the album’s ‘Shared with’ access list will be unable to view the album.

here is the link to download this latest version


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