Pleeq – Amazing Image Bookmarking

With the help of Online Service Pleeq you can bookmark images on the web,just like you do for URL’s.The service does not save the image itself but rather links to the original source of the picture. The service has a bookmarklet that lets you save images in any browser to your Pleeq account.

Steps to use Pleeq:-

1. Create a free account
2. Drag & drop the bookmarklet to the bookmarks bar in your browser
3. Click the bookmarklet when you want to bookmark an image
4. After click, all images on a web page are highlighted with a yellow border
5. Click on any image to bookmark it.

While you are surfing net and you stumble upon an interesting Image you have have to click on the Pleeq Bookmarklet which you had placed on the Bookmark Menu. When you do that all the images in the Web-Page will get a Yellow Outline.Clicking an image will open it in Pleeq where you can add tags and then Pleeq it. To Pleeq an image means to share it with fellow pleeqers. To save an image, click Pleeq this image, and the image will be visible to everyone using the service

There are no privacy setting so any other Pleeq user can also watch all images uploaded by other users. There is also no limit to which one can bookmark images as the images are not transferred to Pleeq there are no storage issues too.You also have to option to share the images with other users by clicking on the Tweet and Like button for Facebook.

If you want to remove an Image from the Pleeq account just select the Image and UnPleeq it and it will be removed. The website surely has some innovative and useful features but one thing that we would really like to see is a search option where we can search Images based on our desire.

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