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There are many ways that we can promote our product on internet and one of the ongoing boom is social networking sites. You are connected with your friends and many more which loves reading what you share so it becomes quite easy to drive traffic from there now how to update your post when someone is talking about or promoting your product on internet we cannot trace by Url so the easiest option is to go for wordpress plugin which will do the job for you. We have already talked about Auto social Plugin in this context which sends your post directly to delicious as you publish them.


Example of this type of plugin is Back type connect which finds the content that are shared on various networking site and post them as a comment on your blog  and this does the job of “Networking”. this plugin search for your content on different networks like:

This wordpress plugin helps to improve the commenting system in wordpress. It places the user name of promoter in the name field of comment and the twitter url in the web address field of comment so that if any one wants to discuss related to that they can be contacted by their URL.

For example if the twitter user name niteshp will promote this post on twitter by saying “very nice post shared here at”. Then

The comment field will be filled as

Name : Niteshp


Comment: very nice post shared here at


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So as this plugin helps you to get more comment on your post by diffrent sites and help you also to connect to the users who are talking and promoting your post there which is called “networking”

you can download or install it here : link

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