Quickoffice Mobile Suite for iPhone with Office 2007

for iphone users good news is there in the form of an update to Quickoffice Mobile Suite which announced on thursday.This latest version of iphone office will now create and edit the Word and Excel documents native to Microsoft Office 2007 on Windows, and Microsoft Office 2008 on Mac. the previous version does not support the DOCx and XLSx verison which is updated and now they support both.


image source:macworld

The Documents To Go creates and edits DOCX Word files which is a rival of this version and also available at5$ and the Documents To Go with Exchange Attachments is at $10 as comparison to Quickoffice Mobile Suite which is at $15.


image source:cnet.com

The main advantage of Quickoffice over Documents To Go is that you can view and edit both Word 2003 and Excel 2003 files but In Documents To Go, you can only edit Word 2007 files. the features in quick office are easy and rich as When you open an Excel file, you can format the cells, adding a background color or cell border, experiment with formulas, and adjust font size and style.

Quickoffice supports iPhone 3.0’s undo feature—you shake the phone to undo or redo the last edit in a Word or Excel file—and copy/paste features.

Download: cnet.com

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