Recite application by Microsoft(windows mobile 6)

Now remember just by speaking not ¬†writing your Notes on mobile or notebook with the help of Recite application. Microsoft released to the public a “Technology Preview” version of its new Microsoft Recite application. Recite is an application that allows users to record seemingly random voice notes and then search for and find those notes by speaking back to the application at a later time.

For example, users could record things such as “Bob’s birthday is in March” and “Bob likes ice cream for his Birthday”, and later find those recorded entries by speaking “Bob’s Birthday.” to the

search function. Likewise, telling the app to search on “Ice Cream” would only offer up the one ice cream related voice note. The app doesn’t need an exact match, and will list results in the order of relatedness.

Recite has, so far, been a bit unstable for us in early testing, but it appears quite promising. We plan on uploading a video of Recite in action later, but any user with a Windows Mobile 6.0 or newer smartphone can go and download the application for free.

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