Release Of The iPhone 5 to be Announced on October 4th

What’s more, if the iPhone 5 can come close to matching its hype, it has the potential to spark an “iPhone 5 Wave,” if you will, in the cell phone service provider and tech sectors — in other words, a renaissance — one that attracts new minds (translation: subscribers) that previously had not considered the iPhone 5 or even a smartphone, and other tech devices.

In the past, Jobs have been a forfront in the releases of  many innovative Apple products.  In contrast, Cook has have little media attention and have been quietly nibbling his way up the ranks.   The departure of Steve Jobs has resulted in a general consensus  Apple would be a different organisation.  As a result, close sources from AppleInsider believes Cook will host the major event.There could be a possibility the iPhone 5 would undergo a worldwide release, where the new iphone would be released on the same day worldwide.  This would be a fantastic way for Apple’s newly appointed CEO, TIm Cook, to blast his way into the media spotlight.

Intel remains well-positioned to benefit from an increase in corporate and residential information technology spending, with aging computers, Microsoft Windows 7, and bandwidth-consuming applications for PCs providing a tailwind for microprocessor demand.  Laptop-related sales should also impress.

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