Remotely Control Bit Torrent Through Web Browser, Any Time, Any Where

We all like to download music audio/videos, movie, educational video and other stuff from internet using a Bit Torrent client. Are you going for a vacation or away from your work but still want to control torrent file download on your home PC? uTorrent, a Bit Torrent, client can help you in managing this. Newer version of uTorrent and other popular torrent clients have a facility that let you start, stop or monitor torrent file download from remote access.

BitTorrent Remote provides an easy and highly secure way of accessing your client through a web browser. Here is a brief tutorial to show you ‘how to setup Remote access for Torrent’.

  • Open uTorrent or Bit Torrent client on your PC. Open settings panel and go for ‘Remote’ settings tab.
  • Now enable BitTorrent remote access on your PC application by checking in the box. Provide computer authentication details like computer name and password. You can put any name in computer name field but remember to make it in a single word i.e. spacebar not allowed.

  • Next step is to set a security question, it helps you in case if you forget emote password. Click on Set Security Questions button and provide answer for the question asked. In my case this questions was “In which city or town were you born?” Give the answer and submit it.

  • Now click on Apply button, BitTorrent now setup and register your torrent application on servers. When the status changed to Accessible, Click OK to finish setup. Congratulations !! you are ready to use BitTorrent Remote Access service.
  • Now its time to access your client through a web browser. Open your preferred web browser and open link. This webpage will then acquire some information from your PC and then asks you to enter login credentials. Enter computer name and password combination you setup in previous steps and press Log In button.

  • That’s it. Now you are welcome with the whole remote dashboard with the current stats of your torrent client.

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