Reverse search engine Tineye : A Review

Reverse search engine is a type of search engine in which you can upload any image and it will tell on which site these images are existing. One more feature that you can search for any URL and it will show you the images stored on the URL. But is the thing really going to work? We found that Tineye crawlers only crawls in the homepage because the image shown in result belongs to homepage of the website.So is it really that much effective. According to Tineye company is growing its network by over 1 billion plus images.

Reverse Search Engine

In Tineye over 1 billion images are stored and the digit goes increasing day by day,and searching for your image takes only about 0.5 second to find the image. According to Tinyeye “Tin Eye must save your search image in order for your permalink to work in the future as unregistered users of TinEye cannot save their search images, as they are automatically discarded after one hour. Links to these searches will stop working after one hour, unless another registered user happens to have saved the same image”
Registered users of TinEye can save their search images if history is enabled in their
user Profile. Saved searches are available from the History page, and permanent URL links
to any saved search can be bookmarked or shared with friends.”

Facts about Tineye: Tineye always crawls in web to find new images but unlike Google crawlers these do not work on robots.txt.The Tineye crawler does obey robots.txt. Adding a robots.txt file to your website with an entry to disallow “TinEye” will prevent TinEye from crawling it in the future.
The TinEye crawler is unable to get Flash content.

So you can see the flash images in future but now it is unavailable.Overall, Tineye is in development stage ,but in future it will definitely grow its reach and everyone get benefit of that ,especially bloggers will find their image on the web and takes some action against violation

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