Secure your online shopping with SBI Virtual Cards

State Bank of India (SBI), largest bank in India introduces Virtual Cards or e-Card or Electronic Card for its Internet Banking service holder users. Virtual card is a limited Debit Card created for secure online/eCommerce transactions. It provides a secure way for online transactions without providing the Account information or Card information to the merchant.

These Virtual Cards are highly secure as merchant can not receive any information about your bank account and debit card. When you create a Virtual Card in your account, it will valid only for a one transaction or up to maximum of 48 hours, whichever is earlier. Card creation and online transaction is authorized only after successful validation of One Time Password sent to your mobile phone during the process.

How-to Create a SBI Virtual Card:

  • Login to your SBI Internet Banking account.
  • Now click e-Cards tab and then click Virtual Card.
  • Now generate new Virtual Card for one time use. Virtual Card can be created for any amount, from RS. 100 to Rs. 50,000, up to availability od balance in account.

The whole process is very easy to use, no separate registration or setup required. Any customer having Internet Banking with transaction rights can create Virtual Cards. Virtual Cards creation can be done anywhere, anytime and it is free of cost. There is Zero loss of interest as the card is generated by marking a lien on the underlying account and the amount is debited only when actual transaction using Virtual Card is done.

They can be used at any location and to any merchant accepting Visa Cards and MasterCards. Click to go to official Virtual Card website.

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