Send ASCII SMS and e-mails With MyTextTwister

In old days people used to hire calligraphers to create beautiful illustrations of text for various purposes like sending invitations, special messages, decorations. But now you can make those professional looking text effects and ASCII text with MyTextTwister app.  MyTextTwister is an app for having lots of fun with text. With MyTextTwister you can create amazing text effects that you can use in your SMS and emails to your loved ones or for posting on Facebook, Twitter, and Windows Live etc. This app will let you Amaze your friends with crazy ASCII arts and text effects.

MyTextTwister has a straight forward interface. Just type your desired message, and choose a style for your text from under the Twisting Logic option. Once you are satisfied with your choice, you can send the text as an SMS, email or share it on Facebook, Twitter. Your text can also be decorated in three styles; Character, Greetings and assorted.

Key Features of MyTextTwister App:

• Automatically converts your typed texts into different text effects like inverted, rounded, leet speak, etc.
• Lots of ASCII art effects which can be added to your text. Best for sending Christmas or holiday greetings.
• You can easily SMS or email your created text directly from the app.
• Post to social networking sites (configured on phone) directly from the app
• Post to social networking sites which are configured on the phone (like Facebook, Windows Live etc.) directly from the app
• Spelling suggestions have been enabled for the input text box.

ASCII arts are 16-bit Unicode texts. Sending ASCII arts and text effects as SMS relies on your service provider’s support for sending 16-bit Unicode text SMS and the receiving phone’s support to receive such messages. Most service providers provide support for sending 16-bit Unicode SMS and almost all Windows Phone handsets and other modern handsets are capable of sending and receiving such SMS. Kindly check with your service provider for the support of 16-bit Unicode SMS if you are not able to send SMS properly with this app.

MyTextTwister App download link: <click here>

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