SendHub: Send Free Text SMS and Calls

There are many free texting and free calling application. All of them have some pros and cons, no one is perfect and can’t fulfil user’s all requirements. If a service don’t suits you you have many choices out there to try.

SendHub is a free online SMS and call service by which you can send and receive SMS from individuals and groups with no hassles. SendHub is basically built for business customers but because of rich features it is widely used by educators, healthcare workers, community members and individuals with groups of any size. You can reach to all of your friends, colleagues or customers with group messaging.

SendHub will let you send your message from any cell phone or web browser. If you are using a web browser then there is no need to install the app. SendHub is mobile friendly, you can download SendHub iOS app on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.

SendHub Advanced Features:

  • Send free texts to individuals and groups
  • Make and accept voice calls on your SendHub Number
  • Record and receive voicemail
  • Get a free number in any area code you like
  • Import your iPhone contacts
  • Contacts add themselves with Text to Join
  • Get replies, all in context
  • Share your messages & groups on Facebook and Twitter
  • Access your messages from the web

SendHub has a text-to-join feature that let your friends join your group. Sign-up on the website and you’ll get a free number. Then you let people know via email, Facebook or Twitter about your group. Your friends need to text to join that group. To send a message to a group, simply text that group number to reach all contacts in that group.

SendHub is free for basic users with 1000 free SMS to maximum of 3 groups (50 contacts each). If you need more than the free plan subscribe to one of four available plans($10, $25, $50 and $150 per month) at their website.

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