Set Up 2-Step Verification Process For Google Account

To stay safe on web we must have strong passwords for all of our accounts. Almost every person who know how to browse web, is directly or indirectly use Google services. You can access all the Google services using a single user

account. If any person have you Google account password then he can access all of the Google services you use like Gmail, Google AdWord, Adsense, Docs, Android Market or Google Play Store and many more. So for safety purpose you have to highly secure your Google account.

Google knows that every one using their services and hence they enabled hi-security for their services. Google already uses HTTPS secure servers for some of its services. Few days back it introduces a two-step verification process for Google accounts. This is a second layer of Google account security in which you asked to verify account with phone number. You can assign computers in trusted devices list and when you try to access your Google account from unknown PC you have to verify yourself with a security PIN. This security PIN will be messaged you on the registered phone number. Account can be accessed on by this PIN otherwise no one can access your Google account.

2-Step Verification is a must step to ensure maximum security for Google account. Today I am going to tell you about configuring 2-step verification. Follow steps below:

1. Sign in to your Google account. Now open your Gmail account settings and check security status for Google account. For me this status is shown in the image below. 2-step verification is not enabled for my account. To enable 2-step verification simply click on “Edit” link in front of it or click on this <link>. You will be asked to re-enter your Google account password, do that.

2. You are welcomed with a new webpage which has quick tips about 2-step verification, read them to know more about it. Now click “Start Setup >>” button.

3. Now you are directed to actual steps for setup process. Google asks you to provide a phone number that will be used to send text messages or call when you try to access from a new computer. Select your country and provide mobile phone number that you want to register. Select SMS text message or Voice call mode. Now you have to test your phone number, click on Send code button. Google now send an auto generated code to your phone, enter this code in the field and click verify. If the code matched then click on ‘Next’ button.

4. Next step will give you authority to add the computer you were using in Trusted computer list. The trusted computer only asks for verification code once every 30 days. If you want to make that a Trusted computer, check the box and click Next button.

5. This step doesn’t have any settings but asks you to activate 2-step verification on your account. Click the link in red colour to complete the setup.

Hurrey !! you are now using best security settings for your Google account. Stay tuned with us for more tips and tweaks in Google account security settings. If you want to recap the whole process watch this video.

2-Step Verification Video Tutorial:

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