Share and stream a live video from your mobile to the internet

Last time when i attended Wordcamp India 09, i was amazed when i got to know about a technology from th help of which we can live telecast a video on internet. This was done by some great tech bloggers to give the full coverage

to the internet.

Although there are many services available today ,but best amongst them is Qik . This is a best service because it supports streaming on the most number of devices

Qik enables you to share your moments live with your friends, family and the world—right from your mobile phone!

You can quickly change privacy settings and mute audio. You can view the video on the website too in future because your video upload on the website at the same time. The important streaming information are displayed on the top of the stream.


Now ,the good news for iPhone users that qik is supported by iPhone and Android phones. Also we are giving the list of handsets that supports Qik:


* Palm Treo 800w
* Palm Treo Pro (alpha support)


* Samsung SGH-i900/i908/ SCH-i910 (Omnia)
* Samsung SGH-i907 (Epix)
* Samsung SGH-i760
* Samsung SGH-i780 (Blackjack3)


* HTC Touch Pro
* HTC Touch HD
* HTC XV6800
* O2 XDA Trion
* T-Mobile (NYSE: DT) MDA Vario II
* Vodafone (NYSE: VOD) 1605 VPA Compact III
* Orange SPV M3100
* Dopod CHT 9000
* Dopod 838 Pro
* DoCoMo HTC Z
* Qtek 9600
* iMate JasJam
* AT&T (NYSE: T) 8525
* Swisscom XPA v1605
* SoftBank X01HT
* Vodafone PDA 1605
* Vodafone PDA 9600


* AT&T SMT 5700
* Orange SPV E610

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