Simple, Affordable Nokia 100 and 101 Unveiled!!!!!!

Nokia launched a couple of cheap dual SIM phones in Nairobi , Kenya. Looks like finally realising the importance of Dual SIM phones eating it’s market share in the lower end.

With the intent of offering an economical, simple and fun-featured handset to its next billion users, the Finland-based Nokia Corporation has unveiled its two eligible candidates, dubbed Nokia 100 and 101. Both handsets work on Series 30 operating system and are resilient fighters against fly-by-night power.

However, the upcoming handsets will hardly offer penetration to smartphones.

The Nokia 101   :

Nokia 101 offers a multi-hued display; micro-SD card with a maximum storage of 16 GB; FM radio with enhanced connectivity; MP3 player with easy-to-use features; 3.5 mm audio support for connecting your handset to a standard 3.5 mm external speaker; lithium-ion battery (800 mah) with nearly 25 days of standby backup; and a flashing flashlight. Sounds cool, isn’t it?


For Indian Users, Nokia has offered an enticing ‘Nokia Money’ suit to help access information regarding education, agriculture, health and entertainment.

Price :   $35.

The Nokia 100:

Though the Nokia 100 is a single SIM handset, it is the cheapest mobile phone ever unveiled by the Finnish mobile maker. It offers FM radio with a gracious display, so make sure you keep monotony at bay. A flashlight is also there, and above all, the company is claiming a standby battery backup of almost 35 days and battery talk time of nearly 7 hours.


Price : $30.

Launching date :which will hit the market by next month both nokia 100 and 101.

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