Skyfire 1.1 Mobile Web browser released for Download

skyfire a mobile web browser earlier for Windows Mobile 5 and 6 and Symbian S60 v3 which released its 1.0 version On May 27, 2009 has now come up with verison 1.1 with improved compatibility for Windows Mobile (touchscreennon-touchscreen) and Nokia’s Symbian-run E or N series phones. Called as major rival of opera mobile skyfire uses the same technique as used in opera mini. It was the first browser software for Windows Mobile which can view Adobe Flash content and streaming video according to wiki.

skyfire the webbrwser operated by sending the webpage request on a server using gecko rendering engine before the output is sended to the every webpage is fully rendered by a server separate from the mobile device.

the peoples who are new to skyfire webbroser it is a freeware and can be downloaded dirctly from their homepage and the browsing experience is awesome just like pc browsing.Skyfire’s browser will zoom in on the page automatically so now you donthave to take the pain.Skyfire’s mobile browser also received updates for Flash, QuickTime, and Silverlight, all which give the browser the edge in streaming videos.


if you are having previous version you can upgrade to latest by going to with your mobile and follow the upgrade notification on your existing Skyfire installation.

support: while prev it suported only a no of models running

  • Windows Mobile 5, 6, 6.1 AT&T 8525, HTC Touch Diamond, HTC Fuze, Treo 750
  • Symbian OS, N76, Nokia E 61, N95, N96.

but for now you can check the supported devices at

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