Smarterfox :Enhance your Browsing experience


firefox addons are the keypoint why everyone loves firefox if you want to enhance your brosingexperince than there is a addon for you SmarterFox – Browse Faster. how the addon helps you in power browsing let us discuss that.

1.Popup Bubble :


the popo bubble appears when you highlight some text on a web paget hen a single click on it will take you to from google to wikipedia means you can search any keyword by just selecting and clicking it and also it has real time search option which search in twiiter  You also have the option of using the right-click context menu.

2. Wikipedia sidebar :

SmarterFox adds a “related articles” sidebar to the left side of Wikipedia. and let you browse the related keyword term to your search word.


3.Enhanced Awesomebar:

SmarterFox extends the Awesomebar (also called the URL bar) so that Google search results automatically appear as you type. This way you do not have to click though to Google in order to not only the url you brose but also search result wil appear in your URL bar.


4.qlauncher :

and totally awesome is this qlauncher just hit ctrl +space and popupscreeen will apear with your favoritte bookmarks which you visit most frequently.qLauncher’s settings integrate right into Firefox’s bookmark system so it will be backed up alongside your other bookmarks if you use something like Xmarks. The bookmarks for qLauncher are included in the folder named “qLauncher” on your bookmarks menu. To add a bookmark to qLauncher simply click on the + button on the qLauncher itself or copy it into the folder.



5. all download link:

this feature of smartfox helps you to download all links or single page on a single page with just a single click , to do this just hit right click and then select the download pagelink or download page images.



SmarterFox can also convert text urls into clickable links and automatically copy on select or paste on right click (NOT enabled by default).

Download: link


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