Download Snagit 9.1: An Ultimate Screen Capturing Tool


If you want to capture the screen,Snagit will be very useful tool for you. Snagit captures all or portion of  a screen. You can set it to capture a fixed region,windows,a full screen,scrolling windows and brief videos. Other than some minor cosmetic tweaks,version 9.1 doesn’t make any changes to Snagit’s screen capturing features,but it enhance a Snagit’s editing features.

Example of this is a new Live Preview feature that let you see what Snagit 9.1 editing option will look like before you apply them. You have to do is  mouse over the option in the toolbar,and you’ll automatically see how the feature will make your image look.

The new Mini Toolbar is not as flashy , but it’s also handy. When you apply an editing feature to your image, such as adding text, a mini toolbar automatically pops up right next to where you’re working. This allows you to have easy access to some of the features you’re likely to need,such as changing font or font size.

Other updates in Snagit 9.1 is an organised stamp gallery,which makes you stamps easier to find. And a new auto-store export feature builds on the auto-store feature introduced earlier in version 9, which saves every screen capture automatically. The export feature lets you take these unsaved screen captures to another computer by exporting them to an optical or USB drive.

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