Speed Up Your Firefox Mobile by Firefox Mobile Add-ons

After successfully launching the Firefox 4 last week now Firefox mobile is also available for download. Now to get most of Firefox mobile there are few add-ons which you can install on your Firefox browser to speed up, secure and facilitate additional options to your mobile browser for Android and Maemo

The new Firefox 4 Mobile for Android (download) and for Maemo devices (download) also support add-ons. Source.


The add-ons are listed here as

  1. Adblock Plus add-on (download),
  2. .Tapsure add-on(download)
  3. Less Spam, Please add-on (download).
  4. URL Fixer add-on(download)
  5. Bigger Text add-on (download)
  6. Reading List add-on(download)
  7. Phony add-on (download)
  8. Mobile Profiles (download)
  9. Lazy Click (download)
  10. Last Pass Password manager add-on (download)

You can also browse more Firefox mobile add-ons here at https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/mobile/extensions/

Source : CNet.com

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