StreamWriter Records Multiple Streams of Internet Radio

steamWriter is a free internet radio recorder that helps you to record music broadcasted by online radio stations and save them on your PC. You can record unlimited number of streams at the same time in AAC or MP3 format. When recording, this free internet radio recorder will detect the silence and split the tracks accordingly. This free internet radio recording software also gives you the liberty to cut the tracks manually and save them. This is a great way to download internet radio on your PC, and listen to it offline.

Recording Internet Radio streams is without doubt one of the best ways to increase a music collection legally. While I cannot vouch that recording the music is legal in all countries of the world, I know that it is in many.

And instead of just recording one stream and thus one song at a time, you can use specialized programs like StreamWriter to download music from multiple stations at the same time.

Features of streamWriter free internet radio recorder:

  • Record Multiple Streams at the Same Time: You can record as many streams as you want at MP3 or AAC format at the same time without any interruption. Once the songs are recorded, you can manually organize and name them or set a pattern to rename them.
  • Automatic Record System: You can add your desired song in the wishlist and streamWriter will record wishlist’s song automatically whenever it’s playing on an online radio.
  • Editing Saved Audio Tracks: You can edit the recorded files manually and cut them in the way you want. But, if you want to avoid cutting, you can let streamWriter do the work for you. It can detect silence and split the tracks automatically.

The new version of StreamWriter can be downloaded from the official project website. It is available as a portable version and installer. You may also want to check out my Download Free Music Legally guide which offers more tips and program links.




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