Twitter Releases Video-Sharing App Vine

Twitter released a new application video sharing for quick video sharing, Twitter on Thursday officially launched this  mobile service called “Vine”, Vine lets users easily capture and share short looping videos with a few swipes of your finger on a smartphone. “Vine” was a purchase rather than something homegrown, and sits mostly on its own. Twitter acquired Vine lat last year.

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Apple Is Going To Introduce HD display Into Its Next Generation iPads

Apple is going to introduce high definition display into its next generation iPads. According to the news from Asia-centric publication,Apple has got this idea to introduce two alternative backlight solutions for its upcoming next-generation iPad from the two Taiwan LED backlight vendors.Currently only a single LED light bar is used in the iPad2 but the modifications to maintain and tone up the brightness of the panels will be seen in the upcoming new tablet.

Apple has many options for doing this type of modifications:

1. Keep the light bar as a single bar.
2. Add two LED chips
3. Utilise Dual-LED light bars.

In the month of July Apple had begun a quality testing program with world’s two largest manufacturers of LCD panels, Samsung and LG.This program is basically organised to secure deal for including advanced display technology in its upcoming tablet device.Samsung and LG both were asked to produce screens with improved and better picture quality so that Apple would be able to test the screens at one of its laboratories in China.

According to the sources new display screens will be able to deliver 264 pixels per inch (PPI) which is at least twice the 132 PPI on the current iPad 2, this moving the company closer to the 326 PPI of the iPhone 4/4S.

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Orchestra An Awesome Social To-Do App For iPhone

Orchestra is a social To-Do app that connects you to each and every persons within your working area.It Specify task to the others and get updates from them in realtime.With the help of this app you can co-ordinate your daily routine.Either you are in home or outside you can divide your job and think of what the each perticular is doing.

This app is an online productivity tool that allows users to handle all their to-do list online and share them to their family members,colleagues and their friends.You can use Orchestra at your work to keep arrange all the team members in the same page,even you can organise a trip or make programme of a wedding with the help of this useful app.

For using all the services of this useful application it requires for the users to sign-up for a free account.After registration users are able to create and handle their important task with a unique user friendly dashboard.

Orchestra has very great feature of synchronization with web.It is very fast and simple application to use even for non-technical users.It is a user friendly service and totally free of cost.

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Batch For iPhone Is A Gorgeous App That Lets You Share A Ton Of Photos Quickly

Beautiful moments pass us by everyday. Instead of scrambling for a camera to capture them ,now on your iphone, ipad, and ipod touch. photofresh is an innovative iPhone and iPad app that lets you browse, upload, and share your Facebook photos and videos. It’s just easier to whip out your iPhone and turn to Camera Plus Pro. With Camera Plus Pro, precious moments will last a lifetime.

Capture photos and videos in any light you wish, using the built-in live filters. Preview your photos and videos in any of the cool filters and pick the right one to set the mood! . You can also enjoy all your friends’ albums and all the photos that come through your News Feed. In one word, it’s awesome!

Browse your photos and videos & those of your friends.
• Quickly access your photos and videos and those of your friends in full screen, even your News Feed photos and Tagged Pictures.
• View your photos and those of your friends even when you’re offline.
• Turn your iPad into the perfect picture frame using your Facebook albums.

Upload your photos and videos.
• Quickly upload photos and videos in full resolution with captions to your Facebook account whether individually or in batches—you can even choose different image sizes.
• Create new albums and set their permissions.
• Background uploading lets you do other things while Facetastic does its thing.

Share photos in a snap.
• Post to your Facebook wall or email photos, links, and albums.
• Download photos one-by-one or in batches to your iPad.

Over time, we expect the developers of Batch to fill the holes in the app, both in terms of missing features and random bugs, and hopefully it will become much more useful as it gains more users. We’ll certainly be keeping our eyes trained on its progress.