Gmail On iPHONE At Offline Mode

Google reveals its Web application capability at Mobile World Congress 2009, Google presents a Gmail version for the iPhone that could be used when phone is at offline mode.
It is an extension of offline version of Gmail for desktops and laptops,and now it comes on mobile.Google Vice president engineering Vic Gundotra revealed the latest technology.
Now you can browse and read e-mail even after you switch your phone into offline mode.But how can this be possible to access the net without a network?
The answer is that offline application can’t retrieve new data from the network,but they do syncronize when network access is restore. At that time e-mail is stored in a local database on the phone,even when online.
You can access it very fast because it’s using the local database.Also there is a floating toolbar in the application that was visible even as you scrolled your inbox.

Huawei Announced First Android Phone At Mobile World Congress

Huawei has announced its first Android-based handset at the Mobile World Congress.This Chinese telecom giant had joined the Open Handset Alliance back in 2008 promising to deliver the goods by early 2009, the current move is a step towards commitment.
While company do not reveal details of a  handset, the company has confirmed its availability in third quater.
Huawei stall has a non working sample of a phone.It resembles like iPhone in a look.


Cheers to all the Indians.This news is so special because a gentleman of India shows his ability in front of fast moving world an bags an award for India before Oscar night (every one is waiting for A.R. Rehman’s academy win). At mobile world congress 2009 going in Barcelona Craig Ehrlich GSM Association chairman presents 2008 GSMA Chairman’s award to Sunil Mittal,who is founder,chairman and group CEO of Bharti enterprises.


Skype’s software for making free and cheap phone calls over the Internet will be included in Nokia smart phones
At the Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona it is officialy announced.The companies said Skype will be initially integrated with Nokia’s Nseries devices, which run on Nokia’s Symbian S60 operating system.

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