Twitter Releases Video-Sharing App Vine

Twitter released a new application video sharing for quick video sharing, Twitter on Thursday officially launched this  mobile service called “Vine”, Vine lets users easily capture and share short looping videos with a few swipes of your finger on a smartphone. “Vine” was a purchase rather than something homegrown, and sits mostly on its own. Twitter acquired Vine lat last year.

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Schedule Twitter Updates Using TweetDeck

Are you a Twitter Addict and going for a vacation? or are you planning to stay away from Twitter for a couple of days and still want to tweet at a interval. Scheduling tweets is not a tough task as many Twitter desktop clients and web clients provide this facility. The best of these client is TweetDeck.

Here is a step by step tutorial to schedule Twitter status updates using TweetDeck.

Start TweetDeck application and login to your Twitter account. Now click the compose Tweet icon in the top navigation bar and start typing your desired message.

Now you can see two icons at the bottom-right of pop-up composer, one is for scheduling post and second is for publish it. To schedule a tweet, click the time settings icon, as seen in snapshot below. You need to be login/connected with your TweetDeck account, otherwise you’ll be asked to add/create a new account.

After connecting a TweetDeck account you can schedule a tweet, enter desired date and time.

When you’re ready to send, click Tweet or Send.

Once you’ve given a date and time for your message, a new column will appear showing your Scheduled Tweets. This column will also allow you to edit or delete your Tweets before they’re sent. You can also attach a photo to your Tweet by clicking the camera icon. To send a Direct Message, click the message icon.

Twitter Brings Keyboard Shortcuts for Easy Navigation

Twitter, micro blogging tool brings new set of keyboard shortcut keys to navigate through the site. Keyboard shortcuts are not a new thing as Gmail, Google Reader, or any good webapp these days with keyboard shortcuts, the only shortcut you ever really need to remember is ‘?’ (the question mark). Using these set of keys now tweeting is a more fun thing. With these key users can now retweet a tweet, Reply, Direct message, create new tweet, search twitter, send and view messages and lots more.

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3 Important Twitter Apps For Higher Efficiency

Everyone, from movie stars to the average person is on Twitter, sharing their thoughts and ideas with the world. For average users, just going to and typing their tweet might be enough to get the job done, but for some users this will simply not sufficient. People who use Twitter all the time need a way to make Tweeting more efficient and effective, and that is why these Twitter apps are here.


Twentyfeet is kind of like Google Analytics for Twitter. It keeps track of all the important stats and lets users know when something important is happening. The app displays easy to read graphs and insights so users can keep track of their follower numbers and how they are changing over time.


Tweepi is an incredibly easy way to clean up the people an account is following. Instead of having to decide which accounts are not worth following the tool will tell you. It lets users know things like which accounts are not reciprocating by following back and which ones are inactive and not Tweeting much.


This tool simply lets you know the most effective times of day to Tweet. It looks over all the people a user follows and the users time line and analyses the best times to Tweet so they will have the most impact. For a business using Twitter for marketing this is incredibly valuable information, since a business wants their Tweets in front of as many eyes as possible.

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3 Essential Facebook Apps To Improve Communication With Fans

With the help of Facebook applications you can easily communicate and reach to maximum number of your friends.It saves your important time to do another works.Now a days maximum number of people are using Facebook applications.An independent  website called AppData monitors more than 100,000 Facebook applications.Here are three important Facebook applications given below:-

1. Tweets to Pages:-

The Tweets to Pages application basically display your Twitter feed on your Facebook page.It has more than 1.2 million monthly active users.This application creates a tab on your page which displays a timeline of most recent tweets of your company. This is really an awesome feature to provide additional real time information to the users of Facebook at the time when they don’t have a Twitter account.

2. Static HTML: iframe Tabs

This Facebook application has 61.8 million monthly active users.The main work of this application is to create a custom landing page.This application provides a facility to copy and paste textboxes for your custom HTML, JavaScript and CSS.It also offers checkboxes to remove scrollbars and to enable FBML.

3. ContactMe:-

This application has 180,000 monthly active users.It basically adds a tab on your organization’s Facebook Page with a contact form.This feature allows anyone who visiting your page to easily  get in touch.Customization is the most important feature of this application .

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Google+ Gets New YouTube And Chrome Integration

Google has announced the integration of two more Google products: You Tube and chrome into Google+ social network.With the integration of You Tube directly into Google+ it become easier for the users to watch and share their favourite videos with circles.Google is also going to launch a YouTube “slider” in the stream.
The main working of this YouTube slider is given below:-

1. Go to the YouTube icon which is placed at the top right of Google+ then mouse over this icon.
2. It will ask “What would you like to play”.
3. Enter whatever in your mind such as a new topic or a musical band artist.

Google is also going to start a unique list of related videos which will open in a new pop up window.You Tube videos that you share with people will have option to open a related playlist directly from your post.There are two new Google+ chrome extensions have added in Google+ :-

1. +1 button:You can give +1 to any webpage and share it with your circles.
2. Notifications: You can also check your Google+ notifications each time you surfing the web.

If you are not using Google chrome then you can use Google Toolbar for Internet explorer.This is a new version that includes same sharing and notification features.

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Tweephone:Now You Can Post Your Tweet To Twitter From A Rotary Phone

Tweephone is a new science project, with the help of this project you will be able to dial your tweet to twitter from a rotary phone.This interesting project is the joint venture of two digital firms.UP Digital creates this idea and the Unteleported Tech bring this into life.With this service anyone can post to twitter from their old phone.Tweephone is a first analogue twitter client.

The text dialing concept is as similar as you can find in your outdated mobile phones.If you want to type “a” then you have to dial “2” once,and if you want to dial “f” you have to dial “3” for three times.To send the Tweet after dialing you just have to hang up the phone.Then all the tweets which have dialled on the Tweephone will be posted on the twitter account.Posting your tweets by this manner is really awesome and takes very short time.

If you think that the 140 character limit is not enough for you to express your thoughts then you should be use this tweephone.The main reason behind the tweeted data to be same is that rotary phones uses the same technology as cell phones.Tweephone also provides the display of your tweets you write them in.

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