Now Music Partners Can Sell Merchandise And Tickets Via You-Tube Site

YouTube has just announced the ability to sell merchandise, tickets and more via the site.Through a feature called the Merch Store, YouTube partners will be able to sell artist merchandise, digital downloads, concert tickets and other experiences to fans and visitors.
YouTube has partnered with a number of companies to launch these stores. Topspin is helping power merchandise sales, concert tickets and experiences; SongKick will help sell tickets for concerts; and iTunes and Amazon will power transactions for music downloads.We already know that YouTube is seeing 3 billion videos viewed per day, but now the online video giant is now seeing a whopping 800 million people per month visiting the site.

The ability to add merchandise sales, ticket sales, digital downloads and more to an artists YouTube site definitely gives these sites more of an engaging presence for artists with their fans. These destinations will now become more than just a way to discover music videos, but also a way to transact business and actually see the artist and buy their works.YouTube says be rolling out the Merch Store to music partners globally over the coming weeks. YouTube declined to reveal the specific nature of the financial split for these sales, but did say that the site takes a small percentage of sales just to cover costs. However, the artist gets the same revenue no matter if they go through the Merch Store or through the affiliate on other channels.

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Google+ Gets New YouTube And Chrome Integration

Google has announced the integration of two more Google products: You Tube and chrome into Google+ social network.With the integration of You Tube directly into Google+ it become easier for the users to watch and share their favourite videos with circles.Google is also going to launch a YouTube “slider” in the stream.
The main working of this YouTube slider is given below:-

1. Go to the YouTube icon which is placed at the top right of Google+ then mouse over this icon.
2. It will ask “What would you like to play”.
3. Enter whatever in your mind such as a new topic or a musical band artist.

Google is also going to start a unique list of related videos which will open in a new pop up window.You Tube videos that you share with people will have option to open a related playlist directly from your post.There are two new Google+ chrome extensions have added in Google+ :-

1. +1 button:You can give +1 to any webpage and share it with your circles.
2. Notifications: You can also check your Google+ notifications each time you surfing the web.

If you are not using Google chrome then you can use Google Toolbar for Internet explorer.This is a new version that includes same sharing and notification features.

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YouTube Launches 100 Celebrity Channels

You tube will be taking original content from different media companies and collaborating with the most of the well known celebrities in the future.There are about 100 You Tube channels with the real contents from the celebrities such as Ashton kutcher,Madonna,Shaq O’Neil etc and the different numbers of participating buisiness such as Wall Street Journal, The Onion and more.

These new original channels will be shown on You-Tube in the next month and will finally continue over the next year.They will offer 25 hours of original video content everyday on youtube after collaborating with a lot of television and media companies basically are the hollywood production companies.

According to the latest report the new celebrities are also making their you-tube channel including deepak chopra,Rainn Wilson and Sofia Vergara.This type of project was developing from the last six months.At the starting there were supposed to be only 20 premium channels.The overall cost of this project is around $100 million.

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How To Place YouTube Video Inside Your BizzBizz Page

You can place YouTube video inside your BizzBizz Facebook page.

Steps to place YouTube video:-

1. Suppose you want to add BizzBizz video in your page then go to and type BizzBizz in the search box and press Enter.In the selected video click on Share button, which is placed below the video then click on Embed.Select “Old embed code” and copy all the code.

2. This is a blank Demo site with only one “Home” Tab.If you want to add YouTube video inside your “Home” Tab then go to right hand corner of the page and click on “Manage your page”.

3. After clicking,you can see different modules such as Media Box,Share,You Tube,Scroller and Show fans in this page.Just Drag the YouTube  icon and Drop into the area below all the modules.After drag and drop click on the “Save Layout”.

4. After doing Save layout click on the “Edit page content”,you will see this type of blank page because there is no embedded code inside the YouTube .

5. Click on YouTube Setting and this page will appear in front of you.Paste your embed code of YouTube video in this area.


6.After click on “Save setting” go to right hand corner of the page and click “View page” ,then final page will look like this.


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